University of Washington is in the process of replacing the old Burke Museum building.  Museums in general require fairly complicated mechanical systems. Though most of the building and zones themselves are thought of as simple because of general large open rooms, the load conditions can change rather quickly as large groups of people move in and out of the building.  As part of this project, CMS is providing Haakon custom air handling units with hot water and chilled water coils, energy recovery wheels and factory mounted variable frequency drives. These units are the backbone for serving conditioned ventilation air to the building. Additionally, CMS is providing CRC (Critical Room Control) control valves and their associated controls for the lab spaces and their fume hoods. The labs in the non-public portion of the museum are quite complicated as pressurization control is critical. All of these different zones must be controlled to tight temperature and humidity setpoints and CRC valves will be essential to deliver these capabilities.




Seattle, WA