Eisenhower High School replaced an existing high school of the same name, originally built in 1957. The existing school had become outdated, and the new 330,000 square foot replacement building gave the Yakima School District a new, state-of-the-art facility for the entire community. Haakon custom air handling units are present throughout the building, providing heat recovery and air conditioning for the entire building. The heat recovery units are some of the first in Washington State handling new Energy Code requirements for heat recovery on the minimum ventilation air stream – past projects generally only required heat recovery on units with a high-percentage outdoor air flow amount. York variable speed air-cooled chillers provide chilled water to serve the air handling plant. Valent packaged rooftop units handle air conditioning for critical computer room spaces, and a Titan Air packaged evaporative humidification unit provides climate conditioning for the greenhouse space.




Yakima, WA