Lab spaces require a lot of outside air, so some innovative thinking was required to avoid having to use (2) large air handling units on every floor of this 12 story building.  Haakon AHUs proved to be the right solution with two penthouse AHUs on the roof and four exhaust AHUs on the 3rd floor. In order to have that much air flowing and not disturb the neighbors, these units need to be very quiet, so (52) AcoustiFLO fans were specified inside these air handling units. The AcoustiFLO fans were able to meet the sound requirements while not adding length (or pressure drop) to the units, as a traditional silencer solution would have done. That much outside air also requires a lot of cooling capacity and in order to keep the energy usage to a minimum CMS provided (3) JCI YMC2 Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers.




Seattle, WA